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Kim Milton-Mackey  has proven to be a forceful power tool that carries multi-dimensional attributes such as: 

  • Dream Releaser

  • Leadership Architect

  • Change Strategist

  • Multifaceted Visionary


Kim Milton-Mackey received her degree in Business Administration from Davenport University and is employed full time. She is the founder of the Ingham County Cultural Diversity Committee,  where she leads the way in recognizing Ingham County's Diverse Workforce.


Like no other, Kim Milton-Mackey is an Event Logistics Specialist. She is responsible for overseeing, planning, organizing and managing every aspect of small to large scale events or projects that typically have many technical facets. She has the ability to handle detailed coordination of many complex operations involving many people, facilities and organizations. Her ability to call attention to great detail involving simultaneous activities is remarkable. Kim is well known for designing and executing strategic  high level events. Kim also has a global marketplace and  tactical thought process that keeps her business status up to date.


Kim Milton-Mackey is a phenomenal motivational speaker and has had the opportunity to travel around various states sharing her “Epic Ideas”.   She is a well respected entrepreneur and  known for her unique knowledge and wisdom on how to motivate people. She lives to keep people fine line focused on their visions and dreams.


Before the first graphical Web browser was invented, I spent my twenties working for print and broadcast companies in marketing, advertising, and public relations.  Transforming from gregarious but disinterested sales guy into introverted marketing and promotions strategist that love what I do!


With over (25) years of marketing, advertising and public relations background and an obsession and understanding of the nuances of a brand new medium, I am confident in my craft. Today, as then, my area of greatest expertise is in helping new clients to find its natural audience.


As your Promotions and Marketing Strategist, it is my company’s  commitment to maintain the integrity of the vision of each of our clients. We build relationships that last for a lifetime.

D. Nick Mackey, Jr.

Promotions & Marketing Strategist

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