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Events In Excellence, was created with the perception that strategic logistics planning is necessary to execute a flawless and perfect event for various types of clients around the world! My business specializes in events such as receptions, weddings, special ceremonies, private parties, various memorial celebrations, open houses, book release celebrations and more!  We are professionals that can administrate, coordinate, plan and organize ANY event known to mankind.


We are willing to travel to various locations to accommodate our clients.  When clients release their event vision or dream and invest their resources and finances, it is our responsibility to ensure they receive their money's worth and more!  We assure you that your search for an Event Planner is over!  Please know that you have made connection with an honest business partner you can trust!


We would love to have you as a customer, feel free to make contact with us for more details on how we can manifest your dream event.



Event Logistics & Planning Packages

"We can plan, manage and administrate any event known to mankind!"


"Day Of" Event Planning

We show up on the day of the event to execute your plans.  If you require a planner to attend and execute your specialized plans for your event, we are willing to meet with you one month preceding the special event to get strategic instructions on how you would like your event carried out.  We specialize in executing your existing plans and making your dreams and/or visions be manifested by offering “Day Of” services.   This package includes unlimited phone consultation.


Event Design & Set-Up

We work with you to design the essential factors of the event decor. We will contact the appropriate vendors to plan the aesthetics of the event, and handle the “little details” that are involved in the assembly and set-up of everything at the event.  This package includes unlimited phone consultation.


Partial Event Planning

We are willing to have up to three personal consultations and unlimited phone consultations that will include vision coaching.   We contact vendors, visit the venue, and prepare the timeline, production schedule, and itinerary for the event. We handle any issues that may arise, attend with you and your party in preparing for the event, and organize the final details.  This package includes unlimited phone consultation.


Full Event Planning

We assist in the inception and final logistics of your special event.  You will release your vision and we will work out the details of planning and organizing it.  Creating  necessary documents, letters, invitations, etc. to get the best results from your event. We suggest and recommend vendors, review contracts, organize transportation or hotels, run errands and relieve the stress of organizing and planning.  We become the main contact on your behalf.


We work with you to determine the essential factors of the special occasion/event such as: locate and securing the venue, plan the aesthetics of the event, and handle all of the “little details” that are involved in planning a truly unique event.  We advise you on the decisions that need to be made, timeline assistance, help with formulating a realistic budget, attend the event and make all the necessary preparations, in order to create a flawless event.  This package includes unlimited phone consultation.



Please choose which package that you are requesting - All packages have a $500 estimated fee. 

Upon completion of our first meeting a fixed price will be assessed. 

Additionally, please note that all packages come with

free unlimited phone consultation and coaching.


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